Alison and Chris and kids, London, UK

Gary, Tamie, Ali, and rob,

Thank you Bagley Family for saving our family October holiday. We so appreciate you all moving heaven and earth and putting your lives on hold to accommodate us in the most wonderful way and with such graciousness.  Given tht we knew the 10 day forecast before we left London, we knew it would be better than Canada but never imagined it would be this warm and beautiful.  As you know, from the moment we drove up the kids were so excited- from wood working, to fishing, to shootin’ huntin’ and ATV’ing- heaven has come to America for them.

Again, your graciousness to have us in this spectacular place has made it truly an amazing holiday.  And Rob’s generosity on the gear and Ali’s healthy living inspiration, we will take it all back to London.

Alison and Chris and kids, London, UK


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